Andrew DeMuro
General Information
Name Andrew DeMuro
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Singer

Teach For America Volunteer

Team(s) Team Adam
Season(s) Season 11
Placement Battle Rounds
Chairs Turned

Andrew DeMuro was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice, and a member of Team Adam. His blind audition of the Billy Joel song "Vienna" turned two chairs.

He was eliminated in the Battle Rounds when he lost his battle against Billy Gilman.

Before The Voice Edit

"Andrew studied at the University of Miami, where he got the opportunity to sing with Billy Joel in front of a university crowd. Post-graduation, he joined Teach For America, a nonprofit program that places teachers in pre-K through 12 classrooms. His assigned school did not have a music program so Andrew formed their first extracurricular choir. Andrew left his job last June to focus solely on music, but he still works with the nonprofit Guitars Over Guns three days a week, which provides music instruction to schools."

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