Brennley Brown
General Information
Name Brennley Brown
Gender Female
Team(s) Team Blake
Team Gwen
Chairs Turned





Brennley Brown is a contestant on The Voice.

Brennley auditioned for Season 12, and chose Blake when he turned around for her. After losing her battle to Lauren Duski, she was stolen by Gwen. On Gwen's team, she won her Knockout and moved on to the live playoffs. She sang "Fly" and was the first artist from team Gwen to be sent through to the top 12. In the top 12 she sang "Long Long Time" and earned the iTunes multiplier, with her song being #7 on iTunes. This is the only time brennley would achieve this feat. She moved on to the top 11, being the second artist of the night with the most votes. For her top 10 performance, she sang "Anyway" and moved onto the semifinals the following results night. Singing "Suds in the bucket" for a chance in the top 4, her performance was criticized online as people where baffled as to why Gwen stefani would have her sing a song like this while trying to make the top 4. As the 3 finalist where announced, brennley was chosen by America along with fellow teammate hunter plake and team Adams Jesse Larson for the instant save and a chance at being the 4th finalist. Jesse Larson won the instant save and it was revealed that brennley brown came in 6th place, behind hunter plake who was in 5th and the other 4 finalist.

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