Brittnee Camelle
Brittnee Camelle
General Information
Name Brittnee Camelle
Gender Female
Age 23
Hometown Lawrenceville, Georgia
Team(s) Adam, Usher(former)
Season(s) 6
Chairs Turned
Brittnee Camelle is a singer from Lawrenceville, Georgia who is currently a contestant on season six of The Voice.


After losing her grandfather and finding out her mother has fibromyalgia, Brittnee put her music career on the back burner and began to pursue a nursing degree. With her mother's condition stabilized, Brittnee has decided to give her true passion, music, one more shot.

The VoiceEdit

23-year old Brittnee Camelle auditioned for The Voice with Demi Lovato's "Skycraper", turning Shakira and Usher's chairs. She ultimately chose Usher after he pushed his button first and claimed to find something "genuine in her tone". In the first Battle Rounds, Brittnee was paired against Melissa Jiménez to perform Melanie Fiona's "Give It to Me Right". Despite Usher regretting pairing those two together, he chose Melissa over Brittnee. However, Both Adam and Shakira opted to steal Brittnee, with her deciding to head to the second Battle Rounds with Adam.


Stage Song Original Artist Result
Blind Audition "Skyscraper" Demi Lovato 2-chair turn
Joined Team Usher
Battle Rounds 1 "Give It to Me Right" (vs. Melissa Jiménez) Melanie Fiona Defeated
Stolen by Adam
Battle Rounds 2 "Climax" (vs. Jake Barker) Usher Defeated

External LinksEdit

IG @MissCamelle

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