Brothers Walker
Brothers Walker
General Information
Name Brothers Walker
Gender Male
Age 26 (Both)
Hometown Bernie, Missouri
Team(s) Usher
Season(s) 6
Chairs Turned
Brothers Walker is a singing duo from Bernie, Missouri, consisting of Coty and Clinton Walker, who were contestants on season six of The Voice.


Coty and Clinton Walker played in a band together for 11 years and then opened a recording studio together. Coty runs the studio while Clinton teaches music. Even though they enjoy producing, they want to give their band another shot.

The VoiceEdit

The identical duo Brothers Walker auditioned for The Voice with "Keep Me in Mind" by the Zac Brown Band. Having only Usher turn, they defaulted to his team. Being his only country act, Usher was eager to work with the duo in unexplored territory. The duo was paired against Morgan Wallen in the first Battle Rounds, performing Avicii's "Hey Brother". Usher ultimately chose Morgan, eliminating Brothers Walker.


Stage Song Original Artist Result
Blind Audition "Keep Me in Mind" Zac Brown Band 1-chair turn
Joined Team Usher
Battle Rounds 1 "Hey Brother" (vs. Morgan Wallen) Janis Joplin Defeated

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