Joshua Hunter
General Information
Name Joshua Hunter
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Atlanta, GA
Occupation Special Needs Teacher
Team(s) Team Gwen
Season(s) 12
Placement Live Playoffs
Chairs Turned
Joshua Hunter, known by his stage name JChosen, is a contestant on Season 12 of S11voice, and a member of Team Gwen. His blind audition of the Marvin Gaye song "Sexual Healing" turned all four chairs.

Despite early popularity, notable by his blind audition video having the most views of any contestant in Season 12 on The Voice's YouTube page, JChosen was eliminated during the Top 20 Live Playoffs, alongside Johnny Gates and Quizz Swanigan, when coach Gwen Stefani chose to save Troy Ramey from elimination.

Bio Edit

"JChosen has always loved music, but his large stature made his main focus basketball. While in college, he was plagued with multiple injuries, which ended his basketball career. He later met a music producer who told him to try an open mic night, and he's been hooked on music ever since. He gigs throughout Atlanta and makes money as a special needs teacher's assistant. He recently became a father but finds it difficult to see his son, as he lives three hours from his child's mother."

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