James Irwin
James Irwin - S5
General Information
Name James Irwin
Gender Male
Age 31
Team(s) Adam
Season(s) 5
Blind Audition song Losing My Religion
Battles song Counting Stars
Knockouts song Breakeven
Chairs Turned
Cee Lo/Shakira

He was rejected in season 4 but came back on season 5. Then he came back on season 5 singing Losing my Religion getting all four coaches. When he had to choose a coach he picked Adam .

The Battles:

in the battle rounds he was facing Matt Cermanski singing OneRepublics' Counting Stars, eventullly James won and Matt lost but no one stole Matt.

The Knockouts:

in the knockouts he faced Grey , Grey sang Already Gone and James Irwin sang Breakeven by The Script. When James stopped singing Adam had to choose someone to move on to the knockouts then Adam picked Grey, James was avalible to steal but no one stole James leaving him eliminated again.

Fun Facts:

.James Irwin is the first contestant to ever be rejected and comeback with all four chairs turned.

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