Jason Warrior
General Information
Name Jason Warrior
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Performer

Producer Web Series Producer

Team(s) Team Alicia

Team Adam (stolen) Team Blake (stolen)

Season(s) Season 11
Placement Live Playoffs
Chairs Turned

Jason Warrior was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice, a member of Team Blake, and former member of Team Adam and Team Alicia. His blind audition of the Stevie Wonder song "Living For The City" turned two chairs.

Best known for his powerful, honest vocals and his tendency to leave it all out on stage, his journey on the show never established any security, as he would go on to be stolen all through to the live shows, losing his Battle Rounds battle to Christian Cuevas and being stolen onto Team Adam, and losing his Knockout round to Riley Elmore and being stolen onto Team Blake. Despite this, he would consistently leave all of himself and his fight with every performance, never seeming to back down even once. He is the only contestant in Season 11 to have competed on three different teams.

His time on the show finally drew to a close in the Live Playoffs, when he did not receive enough votes to be saved, and fell into the Coach's Choice alongside Courtney Harrell and Dana Harper. Blake would ultimately choose to save Courtney, eliminating him and Dana from the competition.

Before The Voice Edit

"As a teenager, Jason travelled around the world with the famous Chicago-based gospel group Walt Whitman and the Soul Children, and even performed for Bill Clinton. In 2014, Jason started a production company out of his college dorm, Dramatic Studios. He created a 20-episode web series called The Truth about young people overcoming difficult issues in life. He is now living at home and has been practicing vocal exercises through YouTube tutorials, learning up to 10 songs a day so he can be prepared for whatever The Voice throws his way."

Trivia Edit

Jason Warrior was born on April 9th, 1995.