Johnny Rez
General Information
Name Johnny Rez
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Miami, Florida
Occupation Singer
Team(s) Team Adam
Season(s) Season 11
Placement Battle Rounds
Chairs Turned

Johnny Rez was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice, and a member of Team Adam. His blind audition of The Goo Goo Dolls song "Iris" turned two chairs. He was eliminated in the Battle Rounds when he lost his battle against Nolan Neal.

Before The Voice Edit

"Johnny started singing in the church where his parents volunteered as ministers. After falling on hard times in college, he joined AA, got sober and started to focus on music by playing guitar and writing songs. After finishing school, Johnny got a job as the I.T. specialist at the same Christian school he attended as a kid. He also brings his culture into his performances and performs about half of his songs in Spanish."

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