Juhi - S5
General Information
Name Juhi
Gender Female
Age 16
Team(s) CeeLo, Adam
Season(s) 5
Blind Audition song Mercy
Battles song Best I Ever Had
Chairs Turned

Juhi Pathak, an Indian American teenager, born in Virginia, she and her family moved to the Toronto area some years after she was born and lived there until about nine years ago, at which point they settled down near Nashville.

The Voice Edit

Her rendition of the song “Mercy” by British singer Duffy floored the four celebrity coaches, with buttons being pressed by Aguilera – perhaps best known for her late-90s pop ballads like “Genie in a Bottle” – and Green, who rose to super-stardom some years ago with his song “Forget You.” The two lobbied hard to get Pathak onto their 12-singer team, and ultimately Pathak chose Green, who told her that he would “fight for her” to win the competition, and likened her charm and appeal to being like that of a younger sister.

After that point, Pathak entered the “Battle Rounds,” which is when singers on each team sing alongside other team members, with their coaches deciding who sang the best and therefore gets to continue on the show. Despite strong performances, however, Pathak found herself on the cusp of elimination in late October. Luckily, she was then “stolen” by coach Adam Levine (of Maroon 5 fame) and was able to stay in the competition.

Unfortunately, after being saved by Levine, Pathak was eliminated from The Voice the following week during the “Knockout Rounds.” The key difference between this round and the former one is that in the Battle Rounds, you sing a duet with the teammate you’re competing with, while in the Knockout Rounds, both contestants sing completely different songs one after the other.