General Information
Name Sa'Rayah
Gender Female
Nationality American
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Singer
Team(s) Team Miley
Team Alicia
Season(s) Season 11
Placement Top 12 (12th Place)
Chairs Turned

Sa'Rayah was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice.

She was a two-chair turn and made it to the Battle Rounds on Team Miley. After losing her battle against Aaron Gibson, she was stolen by Alicia. She advanced until the Top 12, where she faced off once again with Aaron in the bottom two, and was eliminated.

Before The VoiceEdit

Growing up, Sa'Rayah's only outlet for music was at her church. She was forced to grow up quickly when her mother suffered from and overcame addiction. After only singing in church, Sa'Rayah was booked to sing for the "Night of Soul" event at a local venue in 2014. Sa'Rayah caught the attention of Richard Davis, founder of the local band Chicago Catz, who asked her to audition for the band. Sa'Rayah now performs at weddings and corporate events with the Chicago Catz and books solo performances when she can. She is currently going through a divorce and has moved back in with her parents with her two-year-old daughter, Nylah.

- [1]

Season 11Edit

Blind AuditionsEdit

For her Blind Audition, Sa'Rayah chose to sing Ray Charles's 'Drown in My Own Tears'. Miley pushed her button at twenty-two seconds in, and Alicia pushed hers twenty-nine seconds in. By the time she finished singing, both Miley and Alicia were on their feet.

Despite not turning, Adam seemed very enthusiastic about Sa'Rayah's performance, giving her a standing ovation as well. Blake commented that the only reason he didn't turn his chair was because he thought Sa'Rayah was more fitted towards Miley and Alicia.

While giving her pitch, Miley focused on the two of their similarities in how they express themselves. Alicia focused more on the passion and soul in Sa'Rayah's own voice and why she embodied music for her. Before Sa'Rayah made her choice, Miley pleaded her to "do something different".

Sa'Rayah picked Miley.

The BattlesEdit

Sa'Rayah was paired with Aaron Gibson for the Battle Rounds. They got along. She lost her battle, although she gave a powerful performance. Alicia stole her and so she moved onto the knockout round.

The Knockouts Edit

Sa'Rayah gave a powerful performance of ain't nobody which brought down the house. She was paired against Michael Sanchez, who also gave a strong performance, but ultimately Alicia chose Sa'Rayah to move onto the Live Playoffs.

The Live Playoffs Edit

Sa'Rayah gave an amazing performance of I'd Rather Go Blind, which had all four coaches on their feet. She did not receive enough votes to move onto the top twelve by America. Alicia, however, saved her by choosing her to move on after she did not receive the votes needed.

Top 12 Edit

After The Voice Edit

Feel The Vibe Edit

On October 27, 2017, Sa'Rayah released her album "Feel The Vibe" alongside her label BasinStreetRecords, featuring 10 tracks including her lead song "Give Me Love".


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