Season 13
Aired September 25, 2017 – present
Host Carson Daly
Judges Adam Levine
Miley Cyrus
Jennifer Hudson
Blake Shelton
Song TBA
Episode Guide
"Season 12"
"Season 14"

Season 13 is the thirteenth season of The Voice US. Miley Cyrus returned to the panel after a season of absence, replacing Gwen Stefani as coach. Jennifer Hudson joined the panel, fresh off her win on The Voice UK, replacing Alicia Keys as coach.


Blind Auditions Edit

Battle Rounds Edit

Knockout Rounds Edit



Coaches Top 48 artists
Adam Levine
Dave Crosby Brandon Showell Dylan Gerard Hannah Mrozak Adam Pearce Anthony Alexander
Emily Luther Brandon Brown Jon Mero Michael Kight Gary Carpentier Whitney Fenimore
[[]] [[]] [[]]
Miley Cyrus
Janice Freeman Brooke Simpson Ashland Craft Addison Agen Moriah Formica Karli Webster
Chloe Kohanski Ilianna Viramontes Katrina Rose Megan Rose Whitney Fenimore Sophia Bollman
Shilo Gold [[]] [[]]
Jennifer Hudson
Chris Weaver Shi'Ann Jones Lucas Holiday Maharasyi Davon Fleming Alexandra Joyce
Eric Lyn Stephan Marcellus Ignatious Carmouche Jeremiah Miller Noah Mac Kathrina Feigh
Meagan McNeal [[]] [[]]
Blake Shelton
Mitchell Lee Esera Tuaolo Keisha Renee Red Marlow Adam Cunningham Anna Catherine DeHart
Dennis Drummond Rebecca Brunner Natalie Stovall Ryan Scripps Kristi Hoopes Kathrina Feigh
Noah Mac [[]] [[]]

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