Tanner James
Tanner James
General Information
Name Tanner James
Gender Male
Age 19
Hometown Provo, Utah
Team(s) Usher
Season(s) 6
Placement Top 48
Chairs Turned
Tanner James is a singer from Provo, Utah who was a contestant on season six of The Voice.


At four years old, Tanner began to have seizures, and his doctor found a cyst in his brain that was wrapped around his optic nerve. The cyst nearly cost Tanner his vision, or worse, his life. Fortunately, the procedure to remove it went smoothly. Tanner is thankful to be alive and is ready to show the world his voice.

The VoiceEdit

19-year-old Tanner James auditioned for The Voice with Bryan Adams' "Heaven", and managed to turn Usher's chair. Despite only turning 1 chair, Usher called him a "diamond in the rough", having much more to learn that Usher wanted to teach him. Tanner faced Team Usher member Madilyn Paige, performing Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's "Everything Has Changed". Despite the praise from the coaches and Usher calling Tanner a "heartthrob", Madilyn was chosen as the winner of the battle, and after Shakira's dispute of whether to steal him, Tanner was eliminated.


Stage Song Original Artist Result
Blind Audition "Heaven" Bryan Adams 1-chair turn
Joined Team Usher
Battle Rounds 1 "Everything Has Changed" (vs. Madilyn Paige) Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran Defeated


  • Tanner shares many similarities with fellow Team Usher contestant Madilyn Paige.
    • Both live in Provo, Utah, and attended the same high school.
    • Both were paired together to perform for the Battle Rounds.

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