Tess Boyer
Tess Boyer
General Information
Name Tess Boyer
Gender Female
Age 21
Hometown Glen Carbon, Illinois
Team(s) Shakira, Blake(former), Usher(former)
Season(s) 6
Chairs Turned
Tess Boyer is a singer from Glen Carbon, Illinois who is currently a contestant on season six of The Voice.


Tess grew up dancing, cheerleading and competing in pageants. She was a cheerleader for the St. Louis Rams football team and currently works with special needs children while studying pre-law. Tess's true love is singing, and she auditioned for The Voice to prove she has what it takes.

The VoiceEdit

21-year old Tess Boyer auditioned for The Voice with Little Mix's "Wings", and defaulted to Team Usher. He told her he heard something in her voice, and that they could travel in many different directions. Tess was paired against Bria Kelly for the first Battle Rounds, performing Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart". She received praise from all the coaches, Blake stating she "came out of nowhere". Usher ultimately chose Bria, with Tess being stolen by Blake. In the second Battle Rounds, Tess was paired against Jake Worthington to perform "Have a Little Faith in Me" by John Hiatt. Despite Blake choosing to keep Jake, Adam, Shakira, and Usher all opted to steal her. The three disputed, Shakira calling her a "dark horse", and Tess decided to head to the Playoffs on Team Shakira.


Stage Song Original Artist Result
Blind Audition "Wings" Little Mix 1-chair turn
Joined Team Usher
Battle Rounds 1 "Piece of My Heart" (vs. Bria Kelly) Janis Joplin Defeated
Stolen by Blake
Battle Rounds 2 "Have a Little Faith in Me" (vs. Jake Worthington) John Hiatt Defeated
Stolen by Shakira
The Playoffs "Human" Christina Perri Saved by Coach
Top 12 "I'll Be There For You" Bon Jovi Bottom 3
Twitter Instant Save "Dark Side" Kelly Clarkson Saved By Twitter Instant Save
Top 10 "Ain't It Fun" Paramore Bottom 3

Twitter Instant Save

"Who Knew" P!nk Eliminated


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