Whitney & Shannon
General Information
Name Whitney & Shannon
Gender Female
Nationality British
Location Houston, Texas

Austin, Texas

Occupation Singing Duo

Missionary (Shannon)

Team(s) Team Alicia
Season(s) Season 11
Placement The Knockouts
Chairs Turned

Whitney & Shannon are a singing duo and sisters who competed together on Season 11 of S11voice, and were members of Team Alicia. Their blind audition of the Dixie Chicks cover of "Landslide" turned all four chairs. Despite their tremendous harmonies, their blind audition was the first time in several years that they had performed together.

They were eliminated in The Knockouts after their performance of the Jason Mraz song "I Won't Give Up", being defeated by Kylie Rothfield.

Before The Voice Edit

"Whitney and Shannon's parents were traveling missionaries, and the girls would sing and minister to people on the street. At ages 15 and 18 their parents divorced, and Shannon moved to Los Angeles for a ministry program, while Whitney moved to Dallas to attend Bible college. Music has taken a backseat over the past few years with work taking priority. Shannon recently got married and the sisters are beginning to drift apart musically. The Voice is their last shot at sticking together as a singing duo."

Trivia Edit

  • Whitney & Shannon are the first duo in the history of The Voice US to receive a four-chair turn during their blind audition.
  • Whitney & Shannon were the sixth and final contestants in Season 11 to receive a four-chair turn